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"Ask Sarah" Wedding Etiquette and Advice

So you're getting married and you probably have questions.  I have answers!  Hi, I'm Sarah - a woman who is passionate about weddings.   

Ask Sarah Question:  Sarah, please help me.  I don't know what to do.  I don't want to offend my friend - the bride- but I hate the bridesmaid dresses she picked out!!  Help my bride change her mind!!

Sarah:  You're not alone!  Let’s talk about the famous Bridesmaid dress… This can be a very sensitive subject.  All of us girls are already sensitive in some way about our shape and size, and the last thing any of us wants to do is to be stuck in a brightly colored, poorly flattering, uncomfortable dress in front of 100+ guests.  Not only are you seen by so many people, there are going to be professional photos and possibly even videos to remind us of the horror.  Remember that as a bridesmaid, you certainly do not want to upstage the bride in any way.  She will be the center of attention however, by default.

Unfortunately, I can't convince your friend to change her mind directly, but I can offer this advice to brides in general. The best thing a bride can do is find (or let your attendants find) a flattering dress that will compliment you, the beautiful bride AND your beautiful bridesmaids.  You both will be much happier as a result of this.  Be sensitive of the different body types and personalities you will be having in your wedding before you choose that slinky, body-clinging, number in red for your girls to wear.  Brides can relieve the stress of their bridesmaids by being somewhat flexible.  Are you willing to have different styles of dresses with similar colors to accommodate the different body types?  Or maybe you will allow the ladies to go together to pick out a dress that they all feel comfortable in?  Ultimately this is the bride's decision.  Some brides may delegate this decision to the maid-of-honor, but just be aware of the potential anxiety regarding this issue. 

With different body shapes, tastes, skin tones, and personalities, there's bound to be someone who isn't totally satisfied.  After you've expressed your opinion to the bride, if you still get stuck with a bridesmaid dress that you hate... you have two options.  1. Grin and bear it, or 2. Get pregnant and be 'forced' to wear something different!!!  OK... just kidding on #2!!!


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