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Complete Article: A Bride's Grooming Schedule. Timeline ideas and tips for scheduling your bride-to-be beauty process

by Krista Dunk, NWweddingplace.com

Of course you want to look your best on your wedding day - every bride does.  Of course we also know that takes some work!  The planning process for this part of your wedding day can get lost in the shuffle.  Take advantage of our tips and scheduling ideas below to make your process smoother.

As soon as you get engaged
Start growing out your hair, just in case you want to have a longer or up-do style.  If you decide later on to go with a shorter look, it's always easy to cut!

3-4 months before wedding
Dieting and exercise should start now. 
If you want to be platinum blonde for your wedding day, start the coloring process.  To read more wedding hair expert advice, see our "Bridal Hairstyles" article and our "
Wedding Day Hair - The Do's & Don'ts of Your "I Do" Day" article.

2 months before wedding
If you want to tan and you tend to burn easily or have a really light skin tone, start tanning now at least twice a week.

1 month before wedding
Do a wedding hair style practice run and take pictures.
Do a wedding makeup practice run and take pictures.
If you have a medium skin tone or skin that tans easily, you can start tanning now.

2 weeks before wedding
Break in your bridal shoes.
Consider whitening your teeth now.

1 week before wedding
Get your hair colored and trimmed.
Groom should get a cut now too.
Try on your gown to see if any last-minute alterations are necessary.  Do NOT wait until the day of your wedding! You can read more about that in our "The Dress That Didn't Fit" article.

3-5 days before wedding
Get a "wax" if you're going to wax (eyebrows, bikini, legs, etc.) about 5 days before the wedding.  Give your skin time to recover so it doesn't look red and patchy.
Drink lots of water to help keep your skin clear and hydrated, and to flush out your system.

2-3 days before wedding
Get your nails done 2-3 days before the wedding.
Have a pedicure done.
Exfoliate your skin thoroughly, yet gently.
Continue drinking water.

Day before wedding
Shave thoroughly wherever necessary.
If you'll be getting a 'spray tan', do that today. 

Day of wedding
It's time for hair, makeup, deodorant, perfume and/or lotion, accessories, gown, etc.
Drink water - have some with you as you're getting ready.
Don't forget to put your feet up whenever you can - you deserve a break!

Other tips
Since toxins are released during massages (which can cause skin breakouts), don't get a full body massage the week of your wedding (although you'll really need one!!).  If you're going to use a glitter skin spray for some extra sparkle, make sure you test it out a couple weeks beforehand, just in case your skin has a bad reaction. You wouldn't want to find out about an allergy on your wedding day and end up with a weird rash.
Shop for your honeymoon items and clothing early.  Some people forget about this part and then are unprepared last minute to pack and leave!
If at all possible, take a couple days off work before your wedding. Last-minute things will come up, and you'll be thankful for the extra time to deal with details.

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