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Complete Project:  Simple Bridal Veil, skill level 3

Looking to save some money and make your own wedding veil?  Surprisingly, making a DIY bridal veil is not that difficult.  And double surprisingly, you can usually make one for less than $15.  Seriously!  If you have basic sewing skills, you can get it done in just a couple hours!  Your biggest challenge with this DIY project is figuring out what you want your veil to look like (fullness, layers, length, added decoration, tulle color, on comb/clip, etc.), and where on your head you want to wear it.  Once you have that decided, you'll be on your way in no time...
In this example, we made a double-layer veil using plain white tulle attached to a clear plastic comb. Longest length hits at waist, approx. 32" long. Shorter layer hits at shoulders.  Beautiful model Jennifer ☺is wearing it high on the crown of her head. You can see how see-through it is still, which is excellent for gowns with detailed backs.

We used 1 yard of tulle, and did not make a cut at all to form the shorter layer.  Instead, we folded the tulle over once to form the shorter layer, so it stayed one continuous piece. 

You will need: 
Tulle Fabric
, approx. 1/2 yard - 3 yards, depending on desired length of veil.  1/2 of a yard will make a short, one-layer veil that's approx. 23" long.
Comb, Clip, Tiara, or Wire
(something that you're attaching the veil to - normally a clip or comb)
Needle & Thread or Sewing Machine
Measuring Tape
Picture of Your Desired Veil Style
Added Decorations or ribbon for edging (if desired)

Hint: Don't place an iron directly onto tulle.  Steam it or place a thin cloth over the top.

Step 1:  Measure from where on your head the veil will be down to where you'd like the longest layer of the veil to hit on your body. Gather the veil with your hand and experiment with some 'mock' looks.  Tip - if your dress has a detailed, ornate back, consider having a one-layer veil so it doesn't cover up the back of your gown.

Step 2:  Once you've decided on your veil's look, length, etc, lay out your tulle on a clean surface or floor. Use your scissors to trim off any edges that look jagged. 
Tip - leave your tulle all one piece for now.
Step 3:  Now it's time to decide which side of the fabric to gather - the side that will be sewn onto the clip or comb.  Per our drawing, you can see how if you wanted a 36" long veil, you could gather along the 56" length side. OR, you could have a 56" long veil and gather along the 36" side.  When you gather a large amount, you'll get more pouf and thickness.  When you gather a shorter amount, it looks softer, thinner and will hang straighter.

Keep in mind that you could also fold down/over a section to create a shorter layer.

Step 4:  Use a needle and matching thread to run a very loose straight stitch along the top end (where it will eventually be attached to a comb or clip).  Put a knot in your thread on the starting side. Go all the way across, spacing your stitches 1/2" to 3/4" apart.  Next, pull tulle to one side to gather it.

Step 5:  Match the gathered end to the size of your comb or clip. Since you are going to attach it, the veil's gathered section needs to be the same length as the comb/clip. Sew the tulle onto the comb or clip, wrapping the thread around and around the comb's teeth or around the clip to secure it. Tie a knot once you are done. 
Step 6:  Now it's time for any finishing touches you may want!  You could sew a ribbon edge if desired, although that would require a sewing machine (and should probably be done after step 2. Tulle will never fray, so having an edging is not required. Some ladies like to add crystals, pearls, beads, or sequins for extra sparkle. You could also add these items right where the comb/clip and tulle meet. Just make sure it compliments your wedding dress, and doesn't "take over." Check the veils edges now too. You can round the corners a bit for a softer edge if you'd like.


Congratulations - you just made your own wedding veil!  Way to go!  We knew you could do it...

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