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Complete Project:  DIY Indoor/Outdoor Aisle Runner Projects, skill level 1

Looking for a way to spruce up your wedding ceremony aisle? Having an outdoor wedding, and concerned about traditional aisle runners being trip hazards or blowing in the wind? Want a cheap, easy way to create an aisle where there isn't one to begin with?  Want something unique?  We have solutions for all these needs!  Check out these great (and easy) aisle runner projects now.


Aisle Runner Idea #1:  Buy a pre-made runner. This idea is by far the simplest, although possibly not practical in every situation. Great for indoor use, and outdoors in some situations.

Aisle Runner Idea #2:  Use petals to outline your aisle.  Petals could also be used to create an entire runner look. Great for indoor or outdoor weddings!  Cheap, and very simple. Use fresh or silk petals.
Aisle Runner Idea #3:  Use decorative stacked stones down the sides of your aisle way.  Depending on where your wedding is, this could be free! It's also eco-friendly.

Aisle Runner Idea #4: Use shells, starfish, sand, and candles to outline your aisle.  Candles should be left unlit, unless they are in glass containers. They may blow out outdoors if it's windy. If your wedding is indoors, skip the sand (too messy).

Aisle Runner Idea #5:  Use candles in tall vases to outline the aisle. Keep your gown (and kids) away from the flames! Great for indoor or outdoor weddings.

Aisle Runner Idea #6:  Use garden stakes to outline your aisle path.  Hang candles, flowers, or ribbons from them, or drape tulle fabric from stake to stake. Great for outdoor weddings.

Aisle Runner Idea #7:  Get long bolts of tulle fabric and use it to outline your aisle.  About every 3 feet, it will need to either be tacked down or have something heavy (and decorative) placed on top to hold it down. Great indoors or out. Tulle will not be bothered by rain.

Pavé Crystal and Pearl Linear Drop Earrings

Aisle Runner Idea #8:  Use decorative buckets or planers spaced every-other row.  Planters could be full of live flowers.  Buckets could be filled with river rock, and have stakes or dowels inserted with a decorative or theme-matching item attached to the top.  Tulle or ribbon could be draped from stake to stake (or dowel to dowel). Great for either indoor or outdoor weddings.

Aisle Runner Idea #9:  Use a long carpet remnant.  Flooring stores sell their remnants cheap!  Especially good for outdoor weddings, as carpet reduces the trip hazard that fabric runners cause outdoors.

Aisle Runner Idea #10:  Have white, Christmas-type lights intertwined with tulle running down the aisle edges. Tape down the cords! Buy a couple extra boxes of lights, as sometimes they are unreliable. Great for outdoors or in.

  We hope you've found inspiration for your wedding's aisle runner. Thank you for using NWweddingplace.com to plan your wedding!  Keep searching for more great ideas in our wedding "planning and advice" section!


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