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NWweddingplace.com's Love & Marriage Advice Section

Complete Article: Real Life Tips & Advice From Long-Time Married Couples.  A compilation of individual pearls of wisdom from those who've been there... for a long time.  We've surveyed people who have been married for 20+ years to see what advice they'd like to give newlyweds to help them have successful marriages.  Here's what they said:

"Be understanding and supportive about your spouse's work situation (my husband was in the military).  You need a strong religious family base that you both believe in."
-Mary Martha, married 33 years

"Remember that you're blending two worlds and two value sets together.  Always remember why you originally married the person."
-Nancy, married 24 years

"Seek to understand how your spouse thinks and how their personality responds and reacts.  If you understand them, you will have insight into their perspectives.  You can then communicate respectfully, with understanding, and openly.  Communication - The #1 barrier breaker!  Enjoy being with each other.  We've been married for 27 years and I still look forward to seeing him walk through the door!"
-Sherry, married 27 years

"The first thing is trust.  Have patience and think about things before you say it.  Don't say anything that you'll regret.  Why hurt the person you love most?"
-Tim Wood, married 20 years
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"Communication is huge, and men & women have very different thought processes. Have quality time with your spouse. Don't be afraid or ashamed to get Godly wisdom from someone you trust. Be open & realize that everyone goes through struggles - you're not alone. Be spontaneous & have fun. We still play tricks on each other!  In your marriage, it needs to be OK to give & receive hard truths."
-Kristy, married 20 years

"We've never had a knock-down, drag-out fight.  Don't yell at each other - it doesn't do any good.  Be there for each other and meet them half way."
-Coleen, married 43 years

"Stick it out - the first 10 years are the worst.  Things are tough sometimes, but you have to talk about things.  Work it out and talk to each other.  Kids these days don't try to do that.  We never make financial decisions or spend over $100 without discussing it first.  We respect each other."
-Jack & Marlene, married 35 years

"Pre-marriage counseling is a big deal.  Date the person for at least one year and get to know them really well before you get married. Make sure the person is an asset to your life and not a liability.  You should be of the same denominational faith, so you don't have spiritual battles."
-Mike, married 21 years

"Talk about what you want to do together... do you want kids? I didn't at all, but then my heart changed and we had 3.  My wife was patient with me. We raised our kids as a team.  Save money early - we spent it on fancy cars and didn't think of the future, but getting old is real.  Love your spouse through thick & thin.  Keep your romance & sex life active, even during tough times.  Go on dates, and have common hobbies.  Take time out of your busy lives to slow down and enjoy our beautiful world."
-Marc B., married 32 years

Always be willing to forgive & forget.  You need to let the hurts go - that's part of life. Don't do anything that would hurt the other person - emotionally or physically.  It's a growth process.  Always respect each other. -Patsy T., married 48 years

"Take time to enjoy each other & do fun things. Verbalize your gratitude & tell your spouse what you like & appreciate about them. Realize that when you're a newly wed, you will change & grow as a person & so will your spouse.  Be patient, flexible & accepting as you both become new people. When you fight...fight fair!  Don't say hurtful things that you'll regret later. Remember that love is a commitment & something that you choose to DO each day. Don't rely on your feelings - they are fickle. Honor one another and esteem the other better than yourself."
-Mary A., married 35 years

"Talk to each other about everything. Learn how to talk AND learn how to listen.  Share was is good and what you like, as well as what's not so good.  Always tell the truth."
-Kerri F., married 38 years

“You take your vows, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer. I guess you just stick to it, come what may.” -Mayme Vail, married 83 years. Quote from msn & the Today Show.

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