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Complete Article:
  Money Before Marriage

by guest author, Dr. Taffy Wagner of www.DebtAtTheAltar.com

For all those couples that will become engaged during the holidays and even through February, will pre-marital counseling prepare you for financial issues you will face during marriage? Financial issues are a part of marriage and no couple is immune from these issues. Automobile repairs, student loans, wedding expenses are some of the financial topics you will have to address

Think about it. How many couples do you know personally that have struggled with finances and maybe have even divorced because of financial issues? If you personally know of some, before you get married prepare to discuss finances openly and honestly with your mate. Maybe you don't believe you even know where to start. Or maybe you are like me and are embarrassed about how you have handled your finances. Either way, communication is part of the key to handling financial issues

There are many stories in the media about couples choosing do-it-yourself options for their wedding. It makes me wonder if these couples have even talked about a life beyond the “Wedding Day.” Don’t misread this, I applaud you for addressing your finances and not overspending on your wedding. You should take it to the next level and begin talking about your marriage for a lifetime. Be honest, if you were asked how many couples do you know that had financial challenges and ended up in divorce because of it, would you say none? I could not. We have all heard money is one of the top reasons for divorce
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Money no longer has to be a taboo subject. It is not a subject that can be ignored but met head on and addressed. Take the time today to consider the relationship you want, the marriage you want for a lifetime and take steps to have that marriage you want for a lifetime. If you are getting 30 minutes or one hour of counseling on finances during pre-marital counseling ---- it's not enough. You need more.  Are you willing to take the risk of setting your marriage up to become one of those in the statistic that says many marriages fail because of money? Or are you going to set yourself apart from those statistics and do the opposite.

Let me share, financial challenges has no boundaries. If you are reading this and thinking now is not the time to discuss finances, you could be right or you could be wrong. Have you discussed your credit with your fiancé ? Do not think for one second that you have everything under control. I know of many couples, myself included that have weathered many financial challenges during our first year of marriage. If you are not communicating about finances before you enter into marriage, these very challenges can tear your marriage apart and you end up in divorce court. I would rather see you be prepared and have the marriage you dreamed of. Communication about finances is the first step. Money Talk Before The Commitment Walk and Debt Stops At The Altar is a financial education program that was created by a happily married wife of 13 years. You will learn how to communicate about money throughout the lifetime of your marriage and in the privacy of your own home.  Invest in your upcoming marriage today, get your copy at www.DebtAtTheAltar.com.

Dr. Taffy Wagner is the creator of The Debt Stops At the Altar, author of Amazon.com Bestsellers Debt Dilemma and Homebuyer’s Helper. She has been interviewed on Your Wedding TV, It’s My Wedding and I’ll Plan it If I Want To and Journey To Self Podcasts. Go to her website at www.DebtAtTheAltar.com.

Debt At The Altar



Copyright NWweddingplace.com 2009 & DebtAtTheAltar.com. All information contained herein is intellectual property and copyrighted For information regarding use of this article, please contact info@debtatthealtar.com.



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