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Complete Article: Take My Advice!  Wedding Do-Overs... A compilation of wedding advice from the NWweddingplace community.  Things that real brides wish they had done differently, or didn't go as planned.

"Make sure your photographer has a back up camera with a flash for use during ceremony. Mine did not and unfortunately we didn’t get any indoor wedding photos.  The only one that I really wanted was the “kiss” and what I got was a black picture with a grainy silhouette of two bodies.  While it was sad and upsetting for a moment, my husband pointed out that the kiss really needed to remain in our hearts and memories – that was all the picture we needed."  -Tammy R.

"At my outdoor reception, we made the mistake of having plastic tablecloths.  That ended up being a bad idea because of gusty winds.  It looked bad having them taped to the underside of the tables, but it was either that or them blowing off."  -Brooke O.

"Don't have your wedding photographer pose you sitting down. I should have spoken up at the time because I thought it was kinda weird, but assumed she knew something I didn’t. My pictures didn't look good at all!"  -Jena P.

"I would suggest that speeches during the reception are kept to a minimum.  Millions of speeches about the bride or groom can get boring for guests."  -Katie

"There have been a couple weddings that I've been to where a man or two has passed out.  They were still sick from the bachelor party the night before.  No kidding!  Too much drinking..." -Julie

"My wedding was on a sunny day in August.  The temperature wasn't that warm - maybe only 70 or so.  However it was warm enough in the car for all my table centerpieces' taper candles to bend & flop over!  I quickly bent them back upright while they were still warm and they survived the ordeal fairly well.  Cars and candles are not a good combination!"  -Krista

"Check with the facilities coordinator at your church to make sure that no other activities are planned around your wedding!!  When I showed up for my wedding, I walked into the auditorium where the ceremony would take place and above my head were primary colored streamers!!  They had decorated the room the night before for the youth spring camp that was starting the day after our wedding."  -Tammy R.

"One cool thing I did see once was that instead of having young gals in prom dresses and guys in tuxes be the attendants, the bride and groom each had a large group of their family members on each side of them. Then each side had to respond to the officiant when he asked if they'd be supporting the two people always. Awesome." -Julie C.

"Make sure that you write out a list for your photographer of who you specifically want pictures taken with.  It's easy to forget or miss someone on the day of the wedding."
-Shelly S.

Honeymoon Registry

"Don't try to iron your veil.  I don't think tulle is supposed to be ironed!  It leaves holes..." 
-Krissy C.

"For my daughter's wedding, she had to change her entire wedding colors because a couple of her bridesmaids didn't make it to the dress shop early enough to order their dresses. She probably should have gone with them to make sure they actually went and took care of things in time!"  -Alice

"Eloping would have been so much easier!!"  -Beth G.

"I wish we would have taken the offer from my in-laws... A house down payment instead of a big wedding."  - Greg D.

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