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Complete Article: TOP 10 Wedding Colors List.  So what are the top 10 most loved color combinations for weddings? According to our research, these are the most popular wedding color schemes:

1. Black & White.  Always the classic, of course!

2. Champagne & Deep Red.  Very romantic... and classy.

3. Blue & Silver.  Could be dark or light blue.

4. Chocolate Brown & Pink.  Very trendy these days!

5. Greens.  The in-style greens change from year to year. Plants & greenery will obviously fit in well with green color schemes.

6. Pinks.  Pinks always seem to stay in style for weddings, and there are so many to choose from.

7. Reds.  The color that symbolizes love. Caution - reds are sometimes hard to match up from item to item.

8. Blues.  So many options - and some blues fit certain seasons better than others.  Aquamarine is very popular this year.

9. Chocolate Brown, Ivory, Burnt Orange.  A very fall-feeling combo.  A touch of red here and there would be nice too with this group.

10. Silver & Gold.  Can't go wrong with silver & gold!

Keep in mind that a color scheme can go way beyond just your bridesmaid dresses, floral selection, cake, and table cloths.  If you want to color coordinate every last detail, consider these other aspects to include in your color scheme: plates, napkins, food bowls and platters, silverware, chair coverings, isle runner, reception table centerpieces, cake cutlery and topper, guest book and pen set, balloons, flower girl dress and basket, candles, confetti, signage, invitations, place cards, guest favors, and possibly even food selection.  Even think about how your own jewelry (and your bridesmaid's jewelry) fits in.  Pearls, rhinestones, silver, or gold?  What accents are you using elsewhere?  If you're not as detail focused or your wedding is more casual, make your life a bit simpler.  Purchase all the detail items in white, ivory or silver and save the color splashes for the larger impact items, such as bridesmaid dresses, floral, cake and table cloths.  Enjoy choosing your wedding's color scheme.  It's one of the best parts of wedding planning!

To see other wedding color scheme options and ideas, visit our "Color Schemes For Every Season" article.

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