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Complete Article:  Wedding Day Hair - The Do's & Don'ts of Your "I Do" Day. Professional Advice

by Krista Dunk & Andrea Champion, NWweddingplace.com

A big part of your overall personal wedding look is your hairstyle.  It's also an important factor in deciding how to wear your veil, your headpiece or tiara, or other hair decorations. We recommend growing your hair out (unless it's already long) from the moment you get engaged, just in case. It's easy to cut later if necessary! 

First Hair Decisions!
Before you can take the steps outlined in the next sections, you'll need to have these three things decided on: 1. A basic idea of your wedding hairstyle - up-do, down & curly, half up, etc., 2. whether you'll wear a veil, tiara, headpiece, clip, etc., and then where on your head you want to wear it, and 3. what color you want your hair (if you color).

Don't worry, you don't have to decide this months and months ahead, unless you want platinum blonde hair.  Platinum blonde is a coloring process that can take several months.  If you know exactly what style you want, but are unsure of where the best placement of your veil will be with that style, that's OK.  Or on the flip side, if you know how you want to wear your veil/tiara, but are unsure of what style would work best - that is OK too.  Your stylist can help!   

Wedding Hairstyle Practice Run!
Yes you should have one!  Approximately one month before your wedding day, have your hairstylist create your chosen wedding look, or experiment with several options.  This will be good practice for your stylist and an excellent way to find out if your chosen style is really right for you.  Bring pictures of the style you want. You can visit our hairstyle & veil Idea Gallery for ideas and pictures.  Not only should you bring pictures, but bring your camera!  Take front, side and back shots of your hair.  If you already have a veil, headpiece or tiara, bring it along for the photos.  Later on, these photos will come in handy for "review" purposes.  By reviewing your practice run photos, you'll be able to see how your hairstyle will look in your real wedding photos.

Honeymoon Registry

After you have your beautiful new potential hairstyle finished, have taken all the sample photo mug-shots and are ready to leave... Make sure you un-do your hair.  I can hear it now, "What?! Why?!".  Here is why - Don't spoil what has been set aside for your wedding day.  If you want to show your mother, well OK but don't let your fiancι see it! 

One other tip about doing a practice run - bring snacks and water.  Sometimes this process can take a while!

The Wedding Day Hair!
Hair time is part of every bride's wedding day schedule.  How can you make the most of it?  Our #1 tip is to once again, know what you want ahead of time.  Make adjustments if necessary from your practice run (assuming you had one).  If you show up the day of your wedding without pictures, without a practice run or without a mind-reading stylist... You'll get what you get and you can't throw a fit!

Ask your stylist ahead of time whether they want you to wash your hair, or if they'll do it.  Our professional stylist recommends coming in with clean and dry hair.  No styling and no product.  Also, wear a button-down shirt.  Too many brides wear a tight fitting t-shirt, which they obviously regret once it's time to change into their gown!  Bring some snacks and water with you so you're not starved or parched!

We're sure that these tips will help you have a more successful beautification process for your special day.  Remember that your wedding is only the first day of the rest of your married life together.  Prepare for your beauty, and also prepare for your marriage.  Go have some fun!

Be blessed


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