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Complete Article: Wedding Photo Wish List.  Example of one bride's photo wish list for her wedding photographer. A special thank-you to bride-to-be Teresa Hurt for this list.

Are you working with a professional or amateur photographer for your wedding? Are they requesting a list of photos you'd like to have taken?  The day of the wedding is busy and hectic.  You need a list, otherwise both you and the photographer may not remember all the shots that need to be taken.  Have we got a list for you... Read below to get some fun, memorable, touching, and traditional wedding picture poses and ideas.

Pre- Ceremony Photos:

Wedding rings with the invitations
Bride getting dressed for the ceremony
Bride looking at her bridal bouquet
Matron of honor putting garter on bride’s leg
Groom putting on his boutonniere
Groom by himself
Groom looking at his watch
Best man and groomsmen putting on their boutonniere
Groom and best man
Bride by herself
Bride’s mother putting on her corsage
Bride with her mother
Bride’s father putting on his boutonniere
Bride with her father
Bride with mother and father
Bride with matron of honor with their bouquets
Matron of honor by herself holding her bouquet
Bride with her bridesmaids with their bouquets
Bridesmaids by themselves holding their bouquets
Bride with the flower girls with their flowers
Flower girls by themselves holding their flower basket
Bride with wedding singer
Best man by himself
Groom with his groomsmen
Groomsmen by themselves
Groom with ushers
Ushers by themselves
Groom shaking hands with his best man while looking at his watch
Ring Bearer by himself holding pillow
Bride and her father getting out of the vehicle
Special members of the family being seated
The entrance of ring bearer
The entrance of ushers and flower girls
The entrance of bridesmaid
Groom waiting for the bride before the processional
Bride and her father just before the processional
Bride, Groom, Matron of honor, best man, bridesmaids, and groomsmen at the processional

During Ceremony Photos:


The processional
The wedding singer
Bride and groom saying their “I do”
Bride and groom exchanging rings
Groom kissing the bride at the altar
The recessional

Post-Ceremony Photos: Bride and Groom
Newlyweds with their families
Newlyweds with the entire wedding party
Bride with Matron of Honor and Bridesmaids
Groom with Best Man and Groomsmen
Bride with Best Man and Groomsmen
Groom with Matron of Honor and Bridesmaids
Bride and Groom with Best Man and Matron of Honor
Bride with Best Man
Groom with Matron of Honor
Bride with the ushers
Groom with the bride’s father
Ushers holding the flower girls’ hands
Bride with the ring bearer
Bride with the flower girls, ushers and ring bearer
Groom with the flower girls, ushers and ring bearer
Bride and groom signing the marriage certification
Flowers and the surrounding grounds
Bride and Groom getting into the vehicle
Reception Photos: Entrance of newlyweds and wedding party into the reception hall
Various guests signing the guest book
DJ band
The reception room
The buffet table and its decoration
The reception decorations and in loving memory thing on table
The caterer, waiters, etc..
The dinner
Bride and her father dancing
Groom and Bride’s mother dancing
Bride and Groom dancing
Wedding party and guests dancing
Children dancing
Groom doing Karaoke
Cake table
Cake cutting ceremony
Couple feeding each other cake
Bouquet tossing ceremony
Person who caught bouquet
Garter tossing ceremony
Person who caught garter
The wedding party table
The family tables
Candid shots of guests
Bride with the entire family
Bride and Groom with the entire family
Bride with her sister and her brother
Bride and Groom with Bride’s sister with partner, and Bride’s brother with fiancée
Groom with his daughter
Groom with his daughter and grandchildren
Bride and Groom with his daughter
Bride and Groom with his daughter and grandchildren
Groom with Bride’s sons
Groom with Bride’s sons and daughters
Bride with Groom’s daughter and her children
Bride with Matron of honor and bridesmaids and flower girls
Groom with Best man, Bride’s father, groomsmen, the ushers and the ring bearer
Bride and Groom with all children
Bride with her children
Groom with Bride’s father, Bride’s brother and ushers
Bride with Bride’s mother, Groom’s daughter, Bride’s sisters and flower girls
Bride and groom saying good bye to their parents
Bride and groom looking back, waving good bye in their getaway car


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