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NWweddingplace.com's Love & Marriage Advice Section

Complete Article: What If?  A series of married life 'what if's' to review and discuss.  Healthy marriages are rooted in communication.  Use this 'what if's' list to get yourselves talking.

During the course of married life, it's possible that you may face some of these situations listed below (or are already facing them).  How would you and your spouse handle them?  The idea that these things could come up in your future may not have even crossed your minds before!

What if...

One of you wants kids, but the other doesn’t?
You, or your spouse, get a job offer in another state?
Your spouse doesn’t get along with your family?
You, or your spouse, are attracted to a co-worker?
The opportunity to adopt a child comes up?
One of you becomes disabled and needs care?
One of you is stingy with money, and the other wants to be generous?
One of you becomes unemployed for a long period of time?
One of you wants to go back to school?
One of you gets you in debt and ruins your credit?
One of you decides they want to join the military?
A parent becomes ill and needs extensive care?
An elderly parent needs a place to live?
One of you has life changing secrets the other doesn’t know about?
You find out your spouse is unable to have children?
One of you believes in God, and the other doesn’t?
A new job requires a lot of travel time away from home?
One of you has an affair?
The economy is bad and you can't retire as planned?
You can’t agree on where to live?
You or your spouse commits a crime and goes to prison?
One of you snores and drives the other person crazy?
You have different ideas on how to discipline children?
You are dirt-poor for years?
The activities that you each enjoy are different from each other's?
You start a business that eventually fails?
You start a business that is hugely successful?
You receive an inheritance from family?  What do you do with it?
You find out one of you has cancer?
One, or both of you have a hard time communicating their feelings?
One of you has, or develops addiction problems?
You can't agree on how to set up a house chore division of duties?
Your spouse wants to have sex every day and you don’t (or vice versa)?
One of you decides they want to sell everything and give all your money to the poor?
You can’t agree on a system for paying the bills?
One of you spends a lot more money than the other?
One of you can’t seem to keep a job?
Your spouse has anger problems and starts to hit you?
You need marriage counseling, but one of you refuses?
One of you likes socializing, and the other doesn’t?
You can’t agree on how to spend money?
You or your spouse battles with depression?
Your spouse always wants to talk about everything, and you don’t?
One of you is very selfish?
One of you becomes a vegetarian and the other doesn’t want to?
You like dogs/cats, but your spouse has allergies?
One of you is ambitious career person and the other is not?
You or your spouse says they don’t love the other person anymore?
One of you feels like the love ‘feeling’ is gone?

It's possible that many of these “what if’s” won’t apply to you right now (or some, ever).  But, who’s to say that several or many of them won’t come up at some point in your married life?  In my 15 years of marriage, I can honestly say that my husband and I have dealt with at least 10 of these situations so far.  They'll either cause division and strife, or will make you stronger by discussing and conquering them as a team.  Take a few minutes to discuss each item to get better insight into your partner’s views.  You’re going to learn a lot about each other in the process!

Just keepin' it real .  Be blessed!

Copyright NWweddingplace.com 2008. All information contained herein is intellectual property and copyrighted by www.NWweddingplace.com. For information regarding use of this article, please contact article-inquiries@NWweddingplace.com.







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